Futures Festival 2023

It's been a year since our last post, and what a year of ups and downs it's been. Like Ferris Bueller said, life moves pretty fast sometimes. and before we knew it, the strike was over and we were gearing up for Pinewood Futures Festival aga...  Read More


Pinewood Futures Festival

This past weekend, Clear Angle was delighted to take part in the inaugural Pinewood Futures Festival, the largest free careers event for aspiring Film and TV crew. Along with some of our esteemed neighbours here at Pinewood, as well as other companies and organisations from across the industry, we had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of 14-22 year olds over the two days and discuss with them our role in the VFX pipeli...  Read More


Internships with Buckinghamshire New University

Sometimes, all it takes is a nudge in the right direction, a little bit of encouragement or an opportunity extended to do something interesting that can make all the difference. At Clear Angle, we're trying to do our part in bringing through the next generation of VFX crew by partnering with Bucks New Uni and sharing our knowledge with some of their studen...  Read More


The Scanning Olympics

We're always trying to improve here at Clear Angle, and that goes for the crew as well as our equipment. During a bit of downtime a few weeks ago, we took the opportunity to organise a little tournament to sharpen everyone...  Read More


Clear Angle FC

It's not all work at Clear Angle, and we've recently started playing 5-a-side football after work, once every other week. Whilst there is definitely some disparity within the team in terms of both fitness and skill, the important thing (as every parent knows) is taking part, having a great time, working up a sweat, maybe doing a little bit of trash talking and of course, complaining endlessly the next day about how much our legs a...  Read More


CASnada 2.0

Sam and I made it out to beautiful Vancouver last week to rendezvous with the kit we sent out and get it all set up with the Canadian legends. Fast forward to today, we're back in London and they're out on their first location setup with their brand new XF sy...  Read More


Upgrade time in Vancouver

Another big day for transatlantic CAS news, as a lorry full of kit left UK HQ at Pinewood bound for our Canadian office. The last of our M-series rigs will soon be upgraded to an XF spec system, bringing it in line with all our other rigs in Europe and the US and, along with the P-series prop scanning sy...  Read More


XF03, ready for action

It's another proud day here at Clear Angle UK HQ because we just put the finishing touches to our third XF system, XF03, formerly known as Mr Green. The XF systems produce the same high quality data as our other X series full body sys...  Read More


Clear Angle International

We wanted to take the opportunity to give a shout out and a belated welcome to our colleagues working in our new offices around the world. We’ve been quietly beefing up the international contingent and we now have offices set up in Hungary, South Africa and Gree...  Read More


Chromeballs and Boomsticks – Meet Vangela Scansbury

Scan trailers are like buses here at Clear Angle. You wait ages, then two come along at once! We had a busy morning at UK HQ this morning, as we said goodbye to Pamela Scanderson and hello to her sister, XM04, aka Vangela Scans...  Read More


Parking bay watch – Pamela Scanderson arrives at Pinewood

We had another happy arrival at Clear Angle UK HQ this morning – a brand new XM series system, XM03US, otherwise known as (drumroll…) Pamela Scanderson! This unit will be part-fitted out by the crew here in the UK before it’s shipped out to the US to be g...  Read More


Dorothy (and Jack) go to Atlanta

Everyone's favourite (scanning) celebrity couple, Dorothy and Jack, have been out in Atlanta this week for the second leg of their latest mission. In true Clear Angle fashion, not only have they been capturing ultra-high resolution head scan data on one of the biggest productions in the w...  Read More


Welcome to 2022!

Our crews are back in black and ready for another year of fun and excitement! We've got a lot of new faces and we can't wait to get back out and join our friends in produc...  Read More