The Scanning Olympics

We’re always trying to improve here at Clear Angle, and that goes for the crew as well as our equipment. During a bit of downtime a few weeks ago, we took the opportunity to organise a little tournament to sharpen everyone up. The crew was split into pairs and rotated through different stations to capture different subjects within a certain time limit. Their efforts at both scanning (and fancy dress) were graded, results were tallied, deliberations were had and, finally, a winning team emerged victorious. Not only did they receive the respect and admiration of their peers, but they were awarded the now coveted ‘Golden Will Stanton Blowing A Trumpet’ trophy, as well as a bag of sweets.

Whilst it was obviously a lot of fun, it was also really helpful in identifying areas that we could improve and allowed us to focus our efforts in improving these weaker areas and now we can all proudly call ourselves Olympians. Although not in front of Liam.

The coveted ‘Golden Will Stanton Blowing A Trumpet’ trophy.