Internships with Buckinghamshire New University

Clear Angle Studios crewmembers with 3D Scanning interns from Bucks New University.

Sometimes, all it takes is a nudge in the right direction, a little bit of encouragement or an opportunity extended to do something interesting that can make all the difference. At Clear Angle, we’re trying to do our part in bringing through the next generation of VFX crew by partnering with Bucks New Uni and sharing our knowledge with some of their students.

Each trio of students will be spending two weeks with us, learning the ins-and-outs of 3D scan capture from me and scan processing from Helen, giving them the skills they need to incorporate photoscanned assets in their own work. It’s also good for us to get back to basics, stepping away from the multi-camera rigs and seeing what we can achieve with one camera (and maybe a couple of desk lamps).

We’re a month into it now, we’ve been really enjoying it and we’re looking forward to welcoming more groups to the Clear Angle office before Christmas and into the new year. We’ll be posting some more updates and some screenshots of data, so watch this space.

Clear Angle crewmember observing a student from Bucks New University as they are 3D photogrammetry scanning and texturing a structure made of branches in a clearing in the woods.