Clear Angle International

As you probably know by now, things never stop getting bigger and better at Clear Angle Studios. Since we started in 2013 we’ve grown every year and as I write this now, we have 133 employees worldwide*. We wanted to take the opportunity to give a shout out and a belated welcome to our colleagues working in our new offices around the world. We’ve been quietly beefing up the international contingent and we’re proud to have people set up in Hungary, South Africa and Greece, in addition to our long-standing Clear Angle offices in Canada, the US and the UK. We’re extremely lucky to have such talented people working with us wherever we go, and we wanted to make sure you all know that even if you’re working from home, or you’re a long way away from Pinewood, you’re an important part of the crew, and we’re glad to have you. So cheers everyone, here’s to you guys!

*This is the number of people in the Slack channel, I don’t know if that’s exactly how many people work here now.