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Working at Clear Angle Studios, whether it’s out on the sets of the biggest films in the world or smashing it here in the offices at Pinewood or Shepperton, there’s always something interesting going on. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, and we’d love you to join us.
Below you’ll find a list of the job opportunities we currently have available here at Clear Angle Studios. Have a look through, then if you see something that you like the sound of you can apply via email at Include your CV and contact details, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Also, make sure you follow us on Linkedin to keep up to date with the latest opportunities.

Team Manager
Capture Manager

The Team Coordinator will assist the Capture and LiDAR Management teams in liaising with multiple clients across a range of industries, helping to coordinate crew and system scheduling and logistics. The tracking of equipment repairs and maintenance as well as preparing systems for shipping will also be a key part of this role.

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LiDAR Manager
IT Manager

The HR & Recruitment manager will be tasked with understanding the needs of our clients and business and providing quality and tailored HR & recruitment services during an exciting period of growth. Excellent communication skills are a necessity in this role as liaising with multiple teams, employees and candidates will form a key part of the day to day.

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The Executive Assistant will be tasked with understanding the needs of our Board and senior executive team and providing quality and tailored administrative support during a very busy period. Excellent communication and organisational skills are a necessity in this role as liaising with multiple clients, sometimes Internationally, and managing several diaries will form a key part of the day to day.

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Business Coordinator
Production Coordinator
Production Manager
Client Relations Manager

As part of the data team, you would be responsible for the handling of our raw and processed capture data. Liaising with onsite teams and productions/vendors throughout the film industry, you will facilitate established workflows through the company, adhere to security protocols and maintain high standards for data storage and integrity. You will also be responsible for archiving and long term data storage, as well as day to day troubleshooting.

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A more internally focussed role within the rapidly growing data team. The quality and accuracy of our data is essential, and your role will be to ensure that data is checked, sorted (and corrected if necessary) and situated correctly within our pipelines across individual workstations, networks and server solutions alike.

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IT Coordinator
Senior LiDAR Technician

As a Lidar Technician, you would be capturing scans and texture photography of sets, environments and vehicles for VFX on film and TV projects.

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Environment Specialist
Senior 3D Manager
3D Manager
Senior Capture Technician

Our capture assistants are responsible for the setup, shoot and maintenance of our multi camera full body character scanning systems; prop systems; and the handling, organising and logging shoot of data.

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Senior 3D Artist
3D Artist (South Africa)
Junior 3D Artist