At Clear Angle Studios we not only offer you the best industry standard for 3D scanning and processing, but do it with enjoyment and with all the fun we can.

We have registered offices in London, Atlanta, Vancouver, Athens, Cape Town and Budapest and are well versed in working out of almost any country where we may be needed – see our world map for a glimpse of some of our travels.



full body icon

With 8 x 180+ camera multi-lighting full body systems around the world, we’re bound to be in a position to help you with your full body capture requirements.

dorothy head scanning icon

Perhaps our proudest in-house custom build to date. If it is ultra high resolution head data that you are after, look no further. We’re serious – stop looking. 

environment capture icon

Big or small. Desert or jungle. We’re here to help not only capture, but also guide you through what is possible to achieve for the requirement at hand.

aerial capture icon

Whether it be large scale photogrammetry capture you are after or 360° aerial photography, we would be delighted to help you achieve your goals.

Lidar Icon

With LiDAR scanners from a range of 1km down to 130m and pretty fun crew scattered around the world to man them, we’re at the ready to tackle any requirements you may have.

Photogrammetry Icon

If you want the best of both worlds you’re knocking on the right door. We have mastered the seamless integration of LiDAR, photogrammetry and high resolution bracketed texture data. 

texture photography icon

Specialising mainly in on set and environment capture for the VFX and gaming industries, we’re pretty sure we pack the necessary equipment and talent to furnish your requirements.

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With a fun loving and talented behind-the scenes group of artists tirelessly helping us realise the work captured out in the field, we are ever grateful for what we have and the work that we do.